NEW FEATURE: Ramblin’ by Raider & Ryder

Ryder Brooks and Raider Rivera are both regulars at the Zimmer Children’s Museum. Rambiln’ is the first featured writing gig for either of them, but they both know that in this digital age, if you don’t have a blog by 2, you’re behind the times.

Both Ryder and Raider are looking forward to sharing the museum with you from their perspective (which to most people is from below) and being an active part of the Baby Blog community (which is usually brief in content and high in pitch).

For their first post, R&R filled out surveys to help you get to know them better.

Name: Ryder Brooks
Age: 17 months
Favorite Foods: Whatever is on someone else’s plate. Also, broccoli, Dad’s famous spaghetti sauce, yogurt, and fruits of all kinds.
Impressive Skills: Waving, stomping, taking a bow, winking
Things I Love: Napping (Ugh. My Mom made me put that.), rockin’ out to loud guitar music with my Dad, rearranging flower beds and rock gardens, reading, and BATH TIME!
Things I Don’t Love: Diaper changes and brushing my eight teeth

Name: Raider Rivera
Age: 12 months
Favorite Foods: Whatever I can’t have. Things with salt. String Cheese. Mum Mums.
Impressive Skills: I’m good with the ladies.
Things I Love: My mom. She’s super cool. Being outdoors–preferably near water.
Things I Don’t Love: Diaper changes. Does anyone like them?

Check back next month for the inside scoop from Ryder and Raider!

…because everyone needs a lil’ R&R.

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