Random Act of Kid-ness: Love in the Mirror

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Long Beach, CA, where 7 year old Jonas founded Love in the Mirror. Love in the Mirror is a charitable organization that “strives to inspire young people to make a difference through their volunteer commitment of providing needy and homeless youth basic necessities such as food, clothing and learning materials.” Jonas founded the organization in 2009 to help kids in need by collecting items that he felt they should not live without.

Jonas says:

I want to help kids because they don’t have food, clothes, toys and some don’t go to school. I want to help them out so they can feel happy for themselves and thankful for people like me. It makes me feel happy that I am helping and that is why I wanted to start Love in the Mirror. 

I chose the name because it reminds me of a song and the song makes me think of people who don’t have toys and clothes and because every kid should look in the mirror and love themselves.

Check out the events that Jonas and Love in the Mirror have planned, and let us know if you’ve been inspired like we have!


“Once you begin to acknowledge random acts of kindness – both the ones you have received and the ones you have given – you can no longer believe that what you do does not matter.” -Dawna Markova 


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