Random Act of Kid-ness: Cancer Buzz-Off

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Canton, MA, where 4th grader Griffin Lincoln has a goal of raising $3,000 to help kids beat cancer at Children’s Hospital Boston. Griffin is also going to participate in One phoCJlincoln_0328.jpgMission Kid’s Cancer Buzz-Off in June, when he will have his head shaved to raise even more money for children with cancer. Griffin said:

“I have never buzzed my hair off before, but I’m more excited than nervous. It’s just hair. If I can raise a lot of money that helps just one kid, it’s all worth it.”

In the past, Griffin has done walks with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and donated Halloween candy to cancer patients at a hospital. Soon he plans to raise more money with an Easter Egg hunt, a bake sale after the Canton Little League Baseball parade in April, and a street hockey tournament.

We think Griffin Lincoln is one seriously incredible kid doing wonderful things for those in need. Read more about him and his fundraising efforts here.

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