Summer Intern Spotlight: Emily Fare

This summer, we are so excited to have some seriously INCREDIBLE interns. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be featuring them on our blog so you can get to know a little bit more about them! This week, say hello to Emily Fare!

Name: Emily Fare
A little bit about her: Emily is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is majoring in Psychology. She plans to go to graduate school for Child Psychology or Educational Psychology. Her passion for working with children was sparked in high school when she volunteered at a local elementary school as a teacher’s assistant in a 3rd grade class. She has also worked at summer camps and has volunteered at a local pony baseball snack shack. Emily has also volunteered at a children’s library. Emily’s consistent involvement with children led her to working at the Zimmer Children’s Museum.

Why the Zimmer?
I chose to intern at the Zimmer because I basically get to play all day! I get so much responsibility such as running Summer Camp, teaching some classes, and helping out with field trips. But most importantly, I get to have fun while doing all these things! I get to surround myself with great children, great families, and great co-workers. I love the Zimmer because it really allows kids to explore and develop. The Zimmer takes pride in teaching kids new skills such as responsibility and community and I love how even the young children can grow.

Take me through a day in the life of Emily at the Zimmer.
Well everyday is different! Some days I can be found walking around the museum helping children and talking to the parents. Other days you won’t even see me at all because I will be running our awesome Summer Camp or planning for the next week! I spend most of my time preparing for summer camp, but when I’m not, people can come visit me when I teach Culture Club and Block Party on Thursday’s. I also help coordinate for the field trips that come in to the Zimmer twice a week! That’s pretty much my typical day doing summer camp, teaching my classes, helping in other classes, or just helping out around our museum!

What’s your favorite exhibit at the Zimmer?
My favorite exhibit would definitely have to be the rescue boat and ball pit! I love how children who may not know each other will sometimes all join in a game to play pirates or sharks. I love how you can really see the kids imaginations take off. I feel like the ball pit brings kids closer together in a fun, imaginative way.

What is the most memorable thing you have been involved in here?
Definitely working at the Summer Camp! This was my first time working with 4 and 5 year olds and they are amazing! They just want to have fun and I’m the person who allows them to do so. I love that feeling of being looked up to and I think when kids are that age, it’s easy for them to look up to someone who is having as much fun as they are. I love free exploration time on the rescue boat during Summer Camp because sometimes I get to be captain and just have a great time!

Do you think interning at the Zimmer will help shape your career path? If so, how?
Without a doubt! Interning at the Zimmer has already helped me so much because I’ve never really worked with kids younger than 7. This experience so far has been amazing and I continue to learn and grow each day. They can’t really teach you in school what I’ve learned here at the Zimmer Children’s Museum. You really just have to experience it and the experiences I’ve had here will definitely help me in a career with children. I plan to work at an elementary school someday and I’m sure the lessons I learn here will help me with my work choice. You learn, developmentally, how to interact, play, and teach these children and I cannot think of a better place to learn these skills!

Thanks, Emily! Stay tuned for more summer intern spotlights!

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