Random Act of Kid-ness: Re-Gifting to Children in Need

In light of the tragedy in Connecticut this morning, we think it is more appropriate than ever for our weekly Random Act of Kid-ness that highlights the kindness of humanity.

This week’s RAK is another from generationOn and Hasbro’s “Be a Joy Maker” campaign. We want to highlight Raymond, who submitted this act of kindness:

“At the age of 4, I was diagnosed with a rare hp disease that left me in a double leg brace for two years. Feeling fortunate that my illness was not life threatening, I decided that I had to do something for the kids that I left behind in the hospital. So I took all my christmas gifts and returned to the hospital I spent time in and to uplift the spirits of the kids that were not coming home for the holidays. After I saw the joy on the faces of the kids, I decided to continue doing this work. I went door to door asking friends, family and neighbors for donations so I can purchase new toys for the sick kids. My efforts became so popular that we had to form a foundation.”

Raymond’s generosity is so inspiring, especially in times of tragedy. How do you show kindness to those in your community?

We also want to congratulate Hasbro and generationOn for topping their 100,000 goal for acts of service and donated toys! With a week to go! 

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