Summer Camp Updates- Imagine & Invent, Day 1: MACHINES!

Summer camp at the Zimmer is in full force, and we want to share all of our excitement with you! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing daily updates about what messes we’re getting ourselves into, and of course what we’re learning as we play.

day 1 clock

Taking apart a clock!

day 1 prints

Making prints with machine parts

day 1 roller coaster

Building a roller coaster












Today in summer camp, we learned about MACHINES! We learned about 5 simple machines: wheel, lever, wedge, slope and screw!  And incorporated these concepts into building Rube Goldberg inspired Roller Coasters!  We took apart various electronic machines, such as keyboards, clocks, and calculators and saw that there were lots of screws, wires, and sometimes a motor inside!  We also painted prints with parts.

Tomorrow, we will be using another tool – the hammer (with adult supervision, of course!) to learn some basic elements of construction, art and design. Stay tuned for pictures!

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