Summer Camp Updates- Imagine & Invent, Day 3: CIRCUITS!

day 3 group roller coaster      day 3 motor       day 3 squishy circuits.jpeg

Yesterday we had SO MUCH FUN!  We learned about simple electrical CIRCUITS!  We learned that power comes from a battery, flows through a wire, turns on a motor or light bulb, and then comes back around to complete the circuit (cir-cuit like a cir-cle!)!  We made squishy circuits, art bots, motorized machines, and clay-mation videos!

Today we’ll introduce MAGNETS, but we’ll be spending most of the day finishing up our robots and machines and videos.  If you’re interested, you can create your own stop-motion animation videos with clay or any other objects from around the house with iMotion HD, a really easy-to-use and awesome free app!

Check out this one video, ‘Volcano,’ that a camper created:

We also enjoyed watching these awesome videos by the Plonsters for some inspiration!

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