Summer Camp Updates- Buggie Boogie, Day 3: Worms + Snails!

day 3 slime day 3 spaghetti worms day 3 spin art day 3 worm

Yesterday, we explored WORMS + SNAILS!  Although they aren’t insects because they don’t have a head, thorax or abdomen, worms and snails are still creepy… and slimy!  So, we made slime and spaghetti worm paintings!

We also observed the swirl pattern on a snail’s shell.  We found that the swirl or spiral pattern can be found in many natural and found objects and places – like the spring in our beds that help us bounce when we jump on it, the slinky dog toy from Toy Story, and even from Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty sculpture made from rocks and water!

Today, we’re investigating an itty bitty creature with 8 legs!

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