Summer Camp Updates- What’s Your Power, Day 3: COMPASSION

Yesterday our super heroes learned about a very important quality – caring for others (COMPASSION!)!  We talked about some of the things that hurt our super hero hearts – when people say mean things or don’t keep their hands to themselves.  We also shared all the wonderful ways that we can help our hearts to feel better – by giving hugs and saying nice things. As part of super hero training, we practiced running as fast as a train, stretching way up into the sky, and showed off our muscles!  After our training we attempted to save some friends from frozen ice bergs!  But then we got called to duty on a top secret mission to the laser cave!  We faced our fears of darkness and cramped places by crawling through our dark laser cave to collect magical glow sticks!

day 3 frozen friends day 3 heart  day 3 laser cave

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