SPRING CAMP DAY 1: Birds + Flight!



We had a great first day at spring camp! Because we had the museum all to ourselves, we spent lots of time saving our friends from our rescue harbor and shopping for groceries down main street.

As SPRING has just arrived, we also brainstormed all the things that come to mind when we hear the word spring… like flying kites, gardening, birds chirping, and more! We spent today sharing more about what we know about BIRDS… including hummingbirds and parrots! We made feathery masks and practiced our own bird calls.

We also explored the ways that birds (and many other animals and things) take flight and stay in the air. We created birds (with balloons!) to fly in our wind tunnel, and decorated our own wooden airplanes!

Tomorrow, we explore something else that reminds us of spring! We’ll see many of you then! 😀

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