Nest Balls!


Today we talked about TREES! We shared that there are many parts of a tree, including the roots, trunk, branches, leaves… and what is left of a tree when it has fallen or been chopped down, the stump! When we find a tree stump, we also discovered that there are spirals or rings on the stump and that the number of rings indicate the age of the tree. We created our own rings on our tree stumps (paper plate spin art) and found that many of our trees are 100 years old!

We also made tissue paper flowers, hand printed trees using green colored shaving cream, added some apples, made some bird nest balls, played in our nature sensory bins, and more! Many of us also worked really well together to construct a tree house! We had to make sure that we put together a very sturdy roof to keep the rain out, and we added lots of peep holes and even a blue mailbox (we’re not quite hooked up with wifi to receive e-mails in our tree house yet, so snail mail will have to do! ;P).

See many of you tomorrow as we discover ways that we can help to take care of planet earth! 😀

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