Crystal Egg!


Today we discovered that many animals hatch from eggs, including baby chicks, flying turtles, and even alligators!  We made our own salt-flour dough to create our own creatures to hatch from our crystal eggs.  We found dinosaur eggs that hatch into robots, worm eggs that float in space, golden eggs that hatch into mushrooms and more!  We also shared that some eggs will shake first, then hatch after three or ten seconds, while others hatch after “one thousand seconds!”  Finally, we decorated paper bag animal puppets, made critter stencil art, brought back our favorite wind tunnel and cloud rain and had another balloon party!

Overall, it has been an amazing week exploring SPRING with your little ones!  We THANK YOU and especially your little ones for being so open to meeting new friends and for being so silly with us!

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Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you at the museum again soon!


SPRING CAMP DAY 4: Rain + Rainbows!

Liquid Rain Clouds!


What happens when the weather gets cold and gloomy… it starts to RAIN!  The sky is full of clouds, and then afterwards… we sometimes see rainbows!

We watched this fun short video about our water cycle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzY5-NZSzVw.  And learned some big words like evaporation, condensation, and precipitation!  We also made shaving cream clouds rain liquid color, revealed secret water color drawings, created cotton cloud rainbows and more!

See many of you tomorrow! 😀

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Today, we shared that water bottles, cardboard boxes and magazines are all items that we can RECYCLE! We decided to recycle some scrap papers to make new papers! You can follow this easy tutorial online to make your own paper at home, or this one! Or, if you don’t have a screen to use, just letting the little ones tear scrap papers into a bin of water is great sensory fun!

We also made sculptures, wands, rockets, cleaning machines, box cars and more with all sorts of recyclable materials!

Tomorrow, we investigate this strange cloudy weather we’re having in Los Angeles! 😀


Nest Balls!


Today we talked about TREES! We shared that there are many parts of a tree, including the roots, trunk, branches, leaves… and what is left of a tree when it has fallen or been chopped down, the stump! When we find a tree stump, we also discovered that there are spirals or rings on the stump and that the number of rings indicate the age of the tree. We created our own rings on our tree stumps (paper plate spin art) and found that many of our trees are 100 years old!

We also made tissue paper flowers, hand printed trees using green colored shaving cream, added some apples, made some bird nest balls, played in our nature sensory bins, and more! Many of us also worked really well together to construct a tree house! We had to make sure that we put together a very sturdy roof to keep the rain out, and we added lots of peep holes and even a blue mailbox (we’re not quite hooked up with wifi to receive e-mails in our tree house yet, so snail mail will have to do! ;P).

See many of you tomorrow as we discover ways that we can help to take care of planet earth! 😀

SPRING CAMP DAY 1: Birds + Flight!



We had a great first day at spring camp! Because we had the museum all to ourselves, we spent lots of time saving our friends from our rescue harbor and shopping for groceries down main street.

As SPRING has just arrived, we also brainstormed all the things that come to mind when we hear the word spring… like flying kites, gardening, birds chirping, and more! We spent today sharing more about what we know about BIRDS… including hummingbirds and parrots! We made feathery masks and practiced our own bird calls.

We also explored the ways that birds (and many other animals and things) take flight and stay in the air. We created birds (with balloons!) to fly in our wind tunnel, and decorated our own wooden airplanes!

Tomorrow, we explore something else that reminds us of spring! We’ll see many of you then! 😀

Last day of Winter Camp: OPPOSITES!

On our last day of Winter Camp we learned about OPPOSITES.  What are some opposites that you know?  Some that come to the top of our mind are Big & Small, Tall & Short. We also mentioned that Winter is the opposite of Summer! We spent lots of time summer funning and made sculpted sand dough, seascapes, octopi puppets, and so much more. Thank you for joining us in Winter Camp and hopefully …

We’ll see you again soon (maybe during SPRING CAMP or SUMMER CAMP if not sooner!!)!!!!!

Week 2 of Winter Camp: Day 3 – Goals!

Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions for 2014, so we decided to talk about GOALS!  Sometimes a goal can be if you kick a ball in a “goal,” and when you want to do something better or try something new, you are achieving a new GOAL!  We reviewed some of our goals this year: some of them are being a good listener, being better at reading, being nice to our peers, and eating healthier foods so that we can grow strong and taller! These are all great goals to try and achieve!

We decorated our own Goal Garlands and fortune cookies to crack open in the future to see if we fulfilled our goals! Stay tuned for more fun activities that we are doing in Winter Camp.

Winter Camp Week 2 – Day 2: New Year’s Eve PARRRRRR-TAY!

Today we had a parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-tay celebrating the New Year!  Our campers were great event planners, and helped decorate the room.  We also got to decorate party hats, make hula skirts, twisted balloon animals, and created spin art fireworks with glitter! We also made noise makers to take home, so they can ring in the new year with you!! 🙂

Stay tuned for more fun activities, and see you again next year! 🙂 Have a safe and happy New Year!

Winter Camp Session 2: DAY 1 !

With the new year approaching, we introduced our campers to the concept of TIME!  We got to make our own watches, and we decorated time capsules to put special treasures in to find or dig up in the future.  We also made our travel luggage and put all the things we need to time travel!  The best part of the day was when we worked together to build a HUGE time machine.  We added the most essential parts of a time machine, satellites, clocks, buttons, telescopes, storage compartments, and our campers reminded us all to make sure we “must wear seatbelts”! We even got the opportunity to travel into the future.

Join us for more fun activities at camp!


Spring Camp &

Summer Camp Registration Opens in February!!!

Winter Camp Day 4: TRAVEL!

Many people are TRAVELing during this time of the year, so we wanted to learn about the different ways that people travel from one place to another.  We travel through riding a motorcycle, riding a bicycle, flying a plane, and traveling by boat.  We got to build really sophisticated commute systems for our marbles to roll through (this was inspired by Rube Goldberg)!  We also made space shuttles that hovered and flew throughout our wind tunnel.

We even had time for a little dance party with glow sticks! We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, stay tuned for more fun activities that we are doing in camp!