Applebee’s workers volunteer for Staten Island Youngsters!

Scrumptious lunch and dinner entrees and a great place to meet with friends or co-workers after work, Applebee’s has become a well-known family friendly restaurant.  In Staten Island, New York, three Applebee’s locations have gathered to prepare and serve breakfast to help raise money for the “Staten Island Children’s Campaign.”  This Neighborhood Bar and Grill has been doing this ever year for 17 years!

Read more about each employees comment on what this extraordinary event brings for them and the kids in their community!

Have You Seen It?!: Seasonal Craft Kits

Have you seen these SEASONAL CRAFT KITS available in the museum?!


Our Autumn Aprons kits were extremely popular this fall, and now we have two more kits, each available for donation* of $15 or more. You can paint vehicles and make your own roads with the Open Road kit, or decorate your own little winter beanie with Wacky Wearables!

*The Zimmer offers free and discounted memberships to families who qualify, and any donation helps make the power of play available to another family!

What are you waiting for? Come get your own kit at the Zimmer’s front desk today!

Have You Seen It?!: New Safety Flooring

Have you seen the new safety flooring around the S. Mark Taper Foundation Aid and Rescue Center rescue boat?!

The new ProDek flooring is derived from recycled rubber and very eco-friendly. It is made from 70% recycled tires and 30% virgin colored rubber. By recycling rubber this way, landfill growth is minimized. Any amount affected is important. Each year, on average, ProDek installations are responsible for preventing more than 775,000 lbs of automobile tires form entering our area landfills. Since 2006, that amounts to more than 375,000 tires or 4.5 million pounds of scrap rubber!

Not only is the new flooring sparkly and comfy to walk on, but it’s SAFE too! So what are you waiting for? Come check it out today!

Have You Seen It?!: Gear Wall

Have you seen our brand new gear wall, Connections?! 

Our new play space is placed thematically in the Zimmer’s building area right next to our giant pinball machine and Construction Zone. Connections is a stainless steel wall with a variety of sizes of gears that are removable. The combinations are endless! By seeing how the different gears affect one another, your little ones can learn how we are all connected and how each of our actions affects others. The gear wall is not only insanely fun, but it also teaches: cause and effect, fine motor and manipulative skills, problem-solving, colors and patterns, and principles of motion!

So what are you waiting for? Come learn about connections today!