Snow, Rain, and Vapor!

Yesterday was our first day of Winter Camp!  It was lovely seeing so many familiar and new faces.  The campers got introduced to 3 different stages of water: Snow, Rain, and Vapor!  We taught them a quick game with had them either become solid (freeze), liquid (move like a jelly fish in water), and vapor (make soft twinkling fog in the air).  They also got to melt crayons, color with oil pastels, and give penguins and polar bears a gel spa bath!

Stay tuned for more fun activities that we will be sharing from Winter Camp!  **There are very limited open spots available for next week so please email belinda at if you would like a spot!**

Summer Camp Updates- Buggie Boogie, Day 5: End of an Amazing Session!

day 5 bees and ants day 5 butterfly wings

We ended our week on Friday with a variety of beautiful butterfly crafts!  Our BEEs decorated their own wings and became butterflies!  Our ANTs loved our spider crawl so much, we brought it back!  Also, since we still had a few more days before our caterpillars were ready to transform, together we watched this beautiful video to see the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Overall, it was a wonderful week learning about the anatomy of insects, observing caterpillars, making slime and spin art, and more!

Did you enjoy reading about summer camp these past two weeks? We are so excited to announce that we will be opening  FALL CAMP (Nov 25, 26, & 27) and WINTER CAMP (Dec 23, 24, 26, 27, 30, 31, Jan 2 & 3) from 9:00am – 3:00pm!  Please keep an eye out for registration announcements!

Summer Camp Updates- Buggie Boogie, Day 4: SPIDERS!

day 4 spider crawl 2   day 4 spider puppets

Yesterday, we explored our 8-legged creepy crawly friends – SPIDERS!  We learned that a spider is an Arachnid, and unlike insects, spiders have 8 legs (or 4 pairs of legs), have “very many eyes”, and have no wings and no antennae!  We made spider puppets and played lots of spider games!  Our favorite was our spider crawl through our human web!  We had to crawl through without getting caught in the sticky web!

Today we wrap up our week by revisiting all of our favorite bugs and itty bitty friends we’ve made throughout the week.

Summer Camp Updates- Buggie Boogie, Day 3: Worms + Snails!

day 3 slime day 3 spaghetti worms day 3 spin art day 3 worm

Yesterday, we explored WORMS + SNAILS!  Although they aren’t insects because they don’t have a head, thorax or abdomen, worms and snails are still creepy… and slimy!  So, we made slime and spaghetti worm paintings!

We also observed the swirl pattern on a snail’s shell.  We found that the swirl or spiral pattern can be found in many natural and found objects and places – like the spring in our beds that help us bounce when we jump on it, the slinky dog toy from Toy Story, and even from Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty sculpture made from rocks and water!

Today, we’re investigating an itty bitty creature with 8 legs!

Summer Camp Updates- Buggie Boogie, Day 2: Life Cycle of a Caterpillar!

day 2 bug swatters day 2 butterflies

day 2 caterpillars  day 2 life cycle threes

Yesterday we spent the day exploring the life cycle of a caterpillar!  We learned that a butterfly starts off as an egg, turns into a caterpillar (or spirally pasta noodle), becomes a chrysalis, and then emerges as a beautiful butterfly!  We did all sorts of butterfly and other bug themed activities, including making antennaes!  Our ANTS (4-6 year olds) also painted with bug swatters and made inkblot butterfly wings.  Together, we observed real life caterpillars!

Today, we’re going to explore some other itty bitty friends.  They aren’t quite insects, but they’re just as creepy… and slimy!

Summer Camp Updates- Buggie Boogie, Day 1: Anatomy & Ants

Day 1 Ant Tunnels Day 1 Sand ExplorationDay 1 Anatomy Ant

We had a great first day at summer camp yesterday introducing campers to the ANATOMY of an ANT (and other insects!)!  We learned that insects, like an ant, have a head, thorax, and abdomen.

We made clay models of the anatomy of an ant, went digging for some bugs in the sand, and our ANTS (our 4-6 year old group) also built some toilet paper tunnels for our marble ants to roll through!  We call our 3’s BEEs! Today we introduce our caterpillars and more!

Random Act of Kid-ness: Save-A-Pet

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Port Jefferson, New York, where a group of elementary school kids formed a club to help benefit the local Save-A-Pet animal shelter. These kids love pets, and they even thought of opening up a veterinary hospital one day. So they started small and formed the Animal Club of Port Jefferson. And on March 24, they will hold a bake sale to raise even money for the shelter.

“I believe it’s a small but important lesson in leadership for each of the children. What better way to learn than through something about which you are so passionate.”

                                                                                                                                         -David Keegan, father of one of the kids

To read more about the Animal Club of Port Jefferson and the kids behind it, click here.