Dad Turns His 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Hilarious Sayings Into Art!


Kids say the actual darndest things.

And, apparently, their funny phrases can inspire art. Martin Bruckner, a Nebraska dad, is turning his 3-year-old daughter’s sayings into hilariously beautiful art and cataloging it all on his Tumblr “Spaghetti Toes.”

Spaghetti Toes is his blog dedicated to the delightfully absurd things Bruckner hears from his daughter Harper Grace — plus the equally bizarre things he and his wife find themselves saying while navigating life with a toddler.

Read the full article and view more of this Dad’s super cute creativity here!

Come Party With Us at the Z-PARTY!


Z-pARTy is a celebration of creativity showcasing art by children and youth of the Zimmer Children’s Museum and its youTHink program. There will be plenty of family activities, art, and music from our very own resident rock stars Luis and Ana at 6pm and 7:30pm.

The party takes place on Saturday, December 13th from 5:00pm-9:00pm as part of the NELA Art Walk at the Antigua Coffee House: 3400 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065.

For more info on the Zimmer Children’s Museum, click here!

For more info on the youTHink program, click here!


Photo Exhibit Invite (2-up)

youThink is a program of the Zimmer Children’s Museum that empowers youth to find their voices, think critically and take action for social change. Through school, after school, weekend and community programs, youTHink provides underserved communities with arts and leadership training.

Tonight only, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., 36 students from South L.A., Compton, central city, downtown and the eastside will share their visions of “Where I’m From,” in poems and photographs they created as part of youTHink’s Ambassador program, a year-long arts and leadership program.

“Where I’m From” is the culmination of a photography workshop led by award winning photojournalist Sophia Nahli Allison, with students learning key composition concepts as well as techniques to visually explore their lives through the lens of a camera.

Before the workshop began, students crafted poems on the theme that served as their starting point for inspiration, encouraging them to capture moments, objects and surroundings that define “Where I’m From.” The poems will accompany the photographs.

With Christmas and Chanukah just around the corner, the students’ photographs will be for sale and make great gifts. All proceeds benefit the youTHink program and Zimmer Children’s Museum. The exhibition is free, and takes place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. tonight only at Blue Five Art Space, 2935 S. Sepulveda Blvd., L.A. 90064. Find out more at

Read more here!

Snow, Rain, and Vapor!

Yesterday was our first day of Winter Camp!  It was lovely seeing so many familiar and new faces.  The campers got introduced to 3 different stages of water: Snow, Rain, and Vapor!  We taught them a quick game with had them either become solid (freeze), liquid (move like a jelly fish in water), and vapor (make soft twinkling fog in the air).  They also got to melt crayons, color with oil pastels, and give penguins and polar bears a gel spa bath!

Stay tuned for more fun activities that we will be sharing from Winter Camp!  **There are very limited open spots available for next week so please email belinda at if you would like a spot!**

Summer Camp Updates- Imagine & Invent, Day 1: MACHINES!

Summer camp at the Zimmer is in full force, and we want to share all of our excitement with you! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing daily updates about what messes we’re getting ourselves into, and of course what we’re learning as we play.

day 1 clock

Taking apart a clock!

day 1 prints

Making prints with machine parts

day 1 roller coaster

Building a roller coaster












Today in summer camp, we learned about MACHINES! We learned about 5 simple machines: wheel, lever, wedge, slope and screw!  And incorporated these concepts into building Rube Goldberg inspired Roller Coasters!  We took apart various electronic machines, such as keyboards, clocks, and calculators and saw that there were lots of screws, wires, and sometimes a motor inside!  We also painted prints with parts.

Tomorrow, we will be using another tool – the hammer (with adult supervision, of course!) to learn some basic elements of construction, art and design. Stay tuned for pictures!

Random Act of Kid-ness: Recycling Old Markers

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from San Rafael, CA, where students in Mr. Land’s class at Sun Valley School decided to take action so that the markers they use every day don’t end up in landfills. They decided to contact Crayola and let the company know that discarded plastics, like those found in Crayola markers, is wasteful and unhealthy for the environment. The students are proposing a take-back program so the markers get re-purposed instead of becoming pollution. Some of the Sun Valley students said:

“I love your markers, but I’d like to tell you it’s polluting. So can I please send some of your markers back? I love your product, but hate pollution,” Zachary, age 9.

“I want to let you know that I am not a useless little kid. I can make a difference! By telling you to recycle your pens,” Dante, age 10.

”Will we ever be able to fix the hole in the ozone layer? I don’t like pollution because it hurts the Earth,” Georgia, age 7.

“If we all came from the Earth… Then why are we hurting it so much? Earth is all we have left,” Olivia, age 11.

The students started a petition on here, and you can watch a slide show about this petition here.

We think this kind of action is great! We hope you get all the signatures you need and help save the environment!

Have You Seen It?!: Seasonal Craft Kits

Have you seen these SEASONAL CRAFT KITS available in the museum?!


Our Autumn Aprons kits were extremely popular this fall, and now we have two more kits, each available for donation* of $15 or more. You can paint vehicles and make your own roads with the Open Road kit, or decorate your own little winter beanie with Wacky Wearables!

*The Zimmer offers free and discounted memberships to families who qualify, and any donation helps make the power of play available to another family!

What are you waiting for? Come get your own kit at the Zimmer’s front desk today!

Random Act of Kid-ness: Memes to Raise Money

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Poway, California, where 5 year old Ruby Knudson made a slideshow of hand-drawn memes to raise over $1,000 for her elementary school’s fundraiser. Ruby’s school does not allow kids to go door-to-door asking for donations, so Ruby and her dad came up with the meme idea. Ruby’s dad Nathan said:

“She’s learned that the computer is connected to real people and real things which can have a real impact. I’m trying to teach her that if you’re following the crowd through life you’re never going to be first to do anything.”

Ruby’s slideshow went viral on Reddit and got so many views that it crashed the fundraising site!

We love little creative thinkers! Good job, Ruby! Read more here.

Random Act of Kid-ness: Paintings that Pay Off (Medical Bills)

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Missouri, where 3 year old Liam Myrick has started to sell his paintings to help pay for his parents’ $500,000 medical bills.

Liam was diagnosed with stage-four Neuroblastoma in July, and his sister battled with cancer the year before. Now, Liam wants to help his parents with their financial burden by using the energy he has to paint. His parents are auctioning Liam’s work on Facebook to subsidize the medical bills.

Liam’s mom Shawna says,

“He doesn’t care about what’s going to happen ten minutes from now. He cares about the moment.”

What an inspiring story of one kid trying to make the world a better place for his family. Read more about Liam’s story and how you can buy one of his paintings here.