Have You Seen It?!: ArtVille Mural

Here at the Zimmer, not only are we playing our way to a better world, but we’re also drawing our way to a better world!

Last month, we participated in The Big Draw LA, a “city-wide celebration of the act of drawing.” As part of The Big Draw LA, we invited visitors of the Zimmer Children’s Museum to create a permanent mural, ArtVille, for the museum! From Tuesday, October 18 through the end of the month, we invited all families to draw, color, and cut their own buildings, cars, roads, and more! Our resident art teachers Julie Jacobs and Sasha Karlova were the leads on the project.

According to The Big Draw LA website:

Drawing is a universal language, connecting generations, cultures, and communities. Children draw to make sense of the world before they learn to write. Yet most adults, given a pencil, claim: “I can’t draw!”  The Big Draw aims to remove this barrier and create opportunities for people of all ages to discover that drawing can make us SEE, THINK, and INVENT.

Check out the BEFORE:

And… voila! Check out the AFTER:

So next time you’re at the museum, don’t forget to peek your head into the Art Studio and see our new ArtVille mural!