Come Party With Us at the Z-PARTY!


Z-pARTy is a celebration of creativity showcasing art by children and youth of the Zimmer Children’s Museum and its youTHink program. There will be plenty of family activities, art, and music from our very own resident rock stars Luis and Ana at 6pm and 7:30pm.

The party takes place on Saturday, December 13th from 5:00pm-9:00pm as part of the NELA Art Walk at the Antigua Coffee House: 3400 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065.

For more info on the Zimmer Children’s Museum, click here!

For more info on the youTHink program, click here!

Random Act of Kid-ness: A Rockin’ Reward for Honesty, Kindness to Strangers

Abbie Jacobson and  Ra Rim. To reward her good deed, a local bank is sending Abbie’s family to Boston to see her favorite performer, Justin Bieber. A Boston hotel is donating accommodations.

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Maine, where 8 year old Abbie Jacobson stumbled upon a little green silk purse on the ground while shopping with her dad. Inside the purse was $4,000 in cash, a debit card, and a stash of gold rings, bracelets, and earrings, but no ID except for the name “Ra Rim” on the debit card. Abbie and her parents called the bank that issued the debit card, and they were able to connect the purse to Ra Rim, an elderly Cambodian immigrant. Ra Rim’s daughter said of Abbie:

“It’s just unbelievable […] I couldn’t believe a person like this existed in the world.”

Abbie’s honesty came with a very special gift. In a story about this act of kindness in a local newspaper, Abbie (a HUGE Justin Bieber fan) had she said if she had $4,000 of her own, she would go to a Justin Bieber concert. The head of the Bank of Maine read this and called the Jacobsons, offering the entire family a trip to see Justin perform at a sold-out concert this fall in Boston!

To read more about this story and how Abbie’s family has become great friends with Ra Rim’s family, click here.

Random Act of Kid-ness: A Flash Mob to Feel Better

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Mandeville, Louisiana, where 800 elementary school students (and their teachers) broke out in a flash mob to cheer up their school’s Vice Principal, Tara Dragon Hernandez. Tara’s 1o month old son Grayson was diagnosed with  neuroblastoma cancer, so she took a leave of absence from her job to care for Grayson.

Seven-year-old student Jordan Sturiale said:

“It was for Ms. Dragon because her baby wasn’t feeling good and she was sad and the baby had to go to the hospital.”

Read more about Tara, Grayson, and see a video of the flashmob here.

Have you done something recently to cheer someone up? Let us know! You could be next week’s Random Act of Kid-ness!

P.S. If you, too, like to break out in song and dance, we have a secret for you.

Staff Spotlight: Carrie Jacoves, Development Associate

It’s time again to meet another Zimmer staff member. Say hello to Carrie, our Development Associate!

Name: Carrie Sue Jacoves
Position: Development Associate
A little bit about her: Carrie was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, in addition to going to undergraduate and graduate school locally.  She received her BA in Sociology from California State University at Northridge and her MBA at the American Jewish University (formerly  University of Judaism).

Carrie is thrilled to have cultivated her career (the last 15 and a half years) with the Zimmer Children’s Museum after her first nine years working with JCCA as the Special Events Director and then as the Site Director at the Hollywood Los Feliz JCC.

While working full time with JCCA and the Zimmer, she has raised two children (Hayden, 20 and Rachael, almost 17) and enjoys life with her husband Mitch.  When she is not here at work,  Carrie is trying to get in a Half Marathon or two but really has her eye on the full 26.2 mile course of the LA Marathon in March (and she so enjoys raising money for her efforts that directly benefit the Zimmer!).  She also enjoys her extended families (all who live near by) and loves to travel to Scuba Dive.  Other than that– you can bet she is taking a nap!

Childhood hero: I know it is cheesy, but I would have to say my mom.  She was always doing so much all at once.  Besides raising 6 kids and always having a dog while I was growing up, she entertained all the time, started a catering business, and worked out of the home too.  She was my best role model.

Take me through a day in the life of Carrie at the Zimmer.
I have always been excited to get to work to see what awaits me.  I have never had a boring day working for the Zimmer.  I work on many events simultaneously, from Zimmerpalooza, our annual art exhibit show&tell,  various theatre or movie events, our special Mother’s Day Luncheon, and of course our Gala event in November.  I love the rush of having to multi-task.  I enjoy working with the lay leaders and seeing their enthusiasm for our mission and what we bring to the community.  Additionally, I have the opportunity to assist Esther Netter in raising additional funds that are not necessarily tied to an event.  There are many specific details that go into each project and through phone calls, emails, and notes, it all comes together with the culmination of the event– my favorite day!

What’s your favorite exhibit at the Zimmer?
Rhythms of the World. Being a musician as a kid (I played violin and flute), I love that the Zimmer visitors can sit and make their own music and hear it instantaneously.  The computer program then changes the sound of the music to that of various countries, so the child learns about diversity. The written musical notes are the same but by changing the country of origin, for instance, the sounds of the instruments slightly change, and it becomes very different music.

What is the most memorable thing you have been involved in here?
It is hard to really pick one.  So I am going to pick two!  I was involved in producing these events from the very beginning.  I am proud to say we are currently working on the 12th Annual Discovery Award Dinner, and we have come a long way since planning our first Gala back in 2001.  I have the opportunity to work closely with the honorees,  so I enjoy giving them a party for their accomplishments in their lives. Sometimes I get to surprise them with their friends and family who produce memorable pages in the Tribute Ad Journal I produce for the event too. I enjoy having relationships and interactions with them after the dinner as they become more involved with the Zimmer Museum and our youTHink arts education initiative in the public schools.

The second event/fundraiser is our series of show&tell art exhibits.  This year will be our 8th event.  Producing an art exhibit with a different theme every year and working with the artists who donate their artwork 100% to the Zimmer has been extremely rewarding, exciting and fun.  Check it out:  I just love when we find great homes for the art!

Thanks, Carrie! Check back next month to meet another member of the Zimmer team!

Random Act of Kid-ness: A Song to Protect the Rainforest

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes from a girl named Ta’Kaiya Blaney of British Columbia. Ta-Kaiya wrote an original song in protest of a plan to build a new trans-Canadian pipeline. This pipeline would cause hundreds of oil supertankers to enter the Great Bear Rainforest each year, which is a big danger for the environment.

“Oil pipelines and tankers will give people jobs, but if there is an oil spill like the [BP spill] in the Gulf of Mexico, that will take other people’s jobs and the wildlife will die.”
-Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Listen to T’Kaiya’s song, and read the rest of her inspirational story about protecting the environment here.