Benefits of Blocks and Puzzles for Children

According to researchers at the University of Delaware and Temple University, filling children’s toy boxes with puzzles and building blocks help preschooler’s develop their “spacial thinking.”  Professor Golinkoff of linguistics, cognitive science and psychology at UD states that “parents and caregivers should make sure their kids have experiences that feed into their spatial skill. Simple toys like blocks and puzzles offer kids a foundation for learning subjects like math and science…”

The study wanted to see whether copying block structures would correlate to mathematical skills. Results showed that block skills did predict mathematical skills, and children who participated in puzzles and building block structures were also better at early math.  Click the following link to read the full article!

Summer Camp Updates- Cosmic Creations, Day 3: Moon

day 3 astronaut day 3 fluffy moon day 3 moon craters day 3 storytime with sara

Yesterday we explored our MOON!  We talked about the different phases of the moon.  We talked about the texture of the moon’s surface and discovered that there are lots of craters on the moon because asteroids and comets will “bonk onto the moon!”  We made our own craters tossing rocks onto our moon surface (bin of flour) and created our own soft moon surface with shaving cream!

After learning so much about the moon, it was time we visited!  So we suited up to take our first walks on the moon!  We made astronaut helmets from paper bags and once we got to the moon, we bounced around and listened to some stories!

Summer Camp Updates- Cosmic Creation, Day 2: Galaxy

day 2 constellations day 2 galaxy dough 2 day 2 galaxy dough day 2 kaleidoscopes

Yesterday we learned more about our GALAXY!  We talked about galaxies consisting of a collection of stars, planets, dust, and more, and learned that there are millions of galaxies in the universe! We made galaxy dough and created constellations.  We also went on a space crawl through the universe collecting glow sticks, and created kaleidoscopes to help us see all the wonderful colors of our universe!

Summer Camp Updates- Cosmic Creations, Day 1: Planets

day 1 cd space nebulas 2 day 1 galaxyday 1 cd space nebulas

We had a great first day at Cosmic Creations summer camp.  We introduced our little ones to PLANETS, and were blown away by how incredibly knowledgeable they are about our solar system!  Our experts shared with us that there are many planets in our solar system, and that “the sun does not circle around the earth,” but instead, “all planets orbit around the sun!”  We also learned that Jupiter is so big that you could fit “80 –  60 – or maybe a thousand Earth’s into Jupiter!”

We also sang a song about the planets in our solar system.  We created pastel galaxies on black paper and glitter-fied CDs to make them look uber stellar!

Today we’re exploring the stars!

Summer Camp Updates- What’s Your Power, Day 3: COMPASSION

Yesterday our super heroes learned about a very important quality – caring for others (COMPASSION!)!  We talked about some of the things that hurt our super hero hearts – when people say mean things or don’t keep their hands to themselves.  We also shared all the wonderful ways that we can help our hearts to feel better – by giving hugs and saying nice things. As part of super hero training, we practiced running as fast as a train, stretching way up into the sky, and showed off our muscles!  After our training we attempted to save some friends from frozen ice bergs!  But then we got called to duty on a top secret mission to the laser cave!  We faced our fears of darkness and cramped places by crawling through our dark laser cave to collect magical glow sticks!

day 3 frozen friends day 3 heart  day 3 laser cave

Summer Camp Updates- What’s Your Power, Day 2: POWER

day 2 cars day 2 silly sidekick Yesterday we talked more about  POWER!  We discussed the powers (super and real) that people in our community have to help make the world better!  We also elaborated on our own superhero personas by creating our own popsicle stick superhero sidekicks and designed our own super vehicles from upcycled toilet paper rolls – because how else will our heroes who can’t fly get around?!  And of course we did some more super hero training to improve our superhero strength!