Random Act of Kid-ness: Reminding Veterans to Ask for Help

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Alabama, where 7 year old John Murray, Jr. has tried to convince suicidal veterans to ask for help. When he saw the word “suicide” on a poster in a local Army health center, he asked his mom what the word meant. When he found out what suicide meant, John wanted to work to prevent it. He wrote “Ask for help!!!!!” on post-it notes throughout the Fox Army Health Center so that the veterans would remember that people care about them. John said:

“When they don’t have any broken arms or legs, and no blood. You can’t see the sadness inside them, but they still need help. […] I wrote a reminder for Army people to ask for help and did five exclamation points because it is real important. My teacher, Ms. Hardiman, said an exclamation point is like yelling a sentence. I put five exclamation points so it would be really loud. Maybe the Army person who is hurt just forgot to ask for help. This will help remind them.”

One veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes, so what John is doing is incredibly important. Great job, John!

To read more about this story and find out how to help or get help, click here.

Random Act of Kid-ness: Braving a Snowstorm to Rescue Peers

Alexi Catelli

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from the Canadian province Manitoba, where 13 year old Alexi Catellier walked through a snowstorm to find help for 24 of his fellow students who were stranded in a bus. Their bus got stuck in the snow and was stuck for over 5 hours during the snowstorm. Alexi not only calmed the other students down and melted snow into water when they got thirsty, but he also left the bus in search of help. Luckily he was able to find a man who could notify local rail workers of the trapped bus. Alexi said:

“It was definitely nerve-wracking …You have to keep the kids calm, because otherwise the bus driver won’t be able to do his job.”

What an act of bravery! Read more about this story here.

Random Act of Kid-ness: Keeping the (Stuffed) Animals Safe

HURRICANE ISAAC: Ashley's rules for stuffed animals

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Mandeville, Louisiana, where 8 year old Ashley Taylor wrote rules for her stuffed animals about how to stay safe during Hurricane Isaac. Ashley’s dad, Greg, had sent the family to Alabama to avoid the hurricane, and he found Ashley’s note later that day.

We think this is adorable (and responsible!).

Read more about Ashley and her family here. And for those of you affected by Hurricane Isaac, we are thinking of you!

Have You Seen It?!: New Safety Flooring

Have you seen the new safety flooring around the S. Mark Taper Foundation Aid and Rescue Center rescue boat?!

The new ProDek flooring is derived from recycled rubber and very eco-friendly. It is made from 70% recycled tires and 30% virgin colored rubber. By recycling rubber this way, landfill growth is minimized. Any amount affected is important. Each year, on average, ProDek installations are responsible for preventing more than 775,000 lbs of automobile tires form entering our area landfills. Since 2006, that amounts to more than 375,000 tires or 4.5 million pounds of scrap rubber!

Not only is the new flooring sparkly and comfy to walk on, but it’s SAFE too! So what are you waiting for? Come check it out today!