Inaugural Zimmer Children’s Museum Random Acts of Kid-ness (RAK) Award!


Do you know a person under the age of 10 making a big difference?  Nominate them for the first ever

Zimmer Children’s Museum Random Acts of Kid-ness (RAK) Award!

The RAK Award recognizes acts of service, compassion and altruism from our youngest society members instilling in them the understanding that giving of our time and talent is just as important as the giving of our treasure. The award will be given annually to Los Angeles young people under the age of 10.

Nominations are being accepted now through February 3rd

For further information contact Kaila Jackson at or call (323) 761-8910

Winter Camp Session 2: DAY 1 !

With the new year approaching, we introduced our campers to the concept of TIME!  We got to make our own watches, and we decorated time capsules to put special treasures in to find or dig up in the future.  We also made our travel luggage and put all the things we need to time travel!  The best part of the day was when we worked together to build a HUGE time machine.  We added the most essential parts of a time machine, satellites, clocks, buttons, telescopes, storage compartments, and our campers reminded us all to make sure we “must wear seatbelts”! We even got the opportunity to travel into the future.

Join us for more fun activities at camp!


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Winter Camp Day 4: TRAVEL!

Many people are TRAVELing during this time of the year, so we wanted to learn about the different ways that people travel from one place to another.  We travel through riding a motorcycle, riding a bicycle, flying a plane, and traveling by boat.  We got to build really sophisticated commute systems for our marbles to roll through (this was inspired by Rube Goldberg)!  We also made space shuttles that hovered and flew throughout our wind tunnel.

We even had time for a little dance party with glow sticks! We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, stay tuned for more fun activities that we are doing in camp!

Fluff and Float!

During our 2nd day of Winter Camp, we fluffed and floated! We continued our investigation of snow and the feeling of fluffiness.  We created a magical mixture of shaving cream and glue that dries into a solid but still stays magically soft and fluffy!  We also observed ice bergs melting and attempted to create boats that float, but it was way more fun trying to keep our penguins afloat! Many of us also created our own fluffy texture collages that included felt pieces, sparkly gems, fabric squares, and even cotton balls that apparently “look like tater tots!”

Stay tuned for more Winter Camp activities and adventures!

Snow, Rain, and Vapor!

Yesterday was our first day of Winter Camp!  It was lovely seeing so many familiar and new faces.  The campers got introduced to 3 different stages of water: Snow, Rain, and Vapor!  We taught them a quick game with had them either become solid (freeze), liquid (move like a jelly fish in water), and vapor (make soft twinkling fog in the air).  They also got to melt crayons, color with oil pastels, and give penguins and polar bears a gel spa bath!

Stay tuned for more fun activities that we will be sharing from Winter Camp!  **There are very limited open spots available for next week so please email belinda at if you would like a spot!**

Random Act of Kid-ness: Spreading Kindness throughout School

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Sheriden, WY, where students at Sagebrush Elementary spread random acts of kid-ness in honor of the anniversary of 9/11. One class gave another class treats to enjoy, while other classes exchanged cards and cleaned each others’ classrooms. Students also gave each other Random Acts of Kindness cards that they passed along as they performed these acts. One fifth grader named Emma Katschke said:

“I have always loved helping people. This project inspired me to help out Sagebrush, and I learned that by helping others it will make me and my school more happy.”

We love that these students spread positivity and gave back to the whole school community. You can read more here. Have your little ones done something similar at their school?

Random Act of Kid-ness: Shaved Heads in Support of a Friend

travis selinka

This week’s Random Act of Kid-ness comes to us from Carlsbad, CA where a group of 4th graders decided to shave their heads to show support for their friend who has cancer. 10 year old Travis Selinka was recently treated for brain cancer and was embarrassed to come to school without hair, and he always wore a hat. So 15 of his friends made a trip to the barber shop together to shave their heads to match Travis. Travis said:

“I was astonished that they did this for me. It was amazing just knowing that I have all my friends there.”

Now Travis no longer wears a hat to school and is so thankful for his supportive friends. We are too!

You can read more about this story here.